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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Creator Splash is a Free-to-use Platform for Showcasing creatives from around the Caribbean. Learn more in our About and How-to pages.

It’s quite simple. Sign up, add you profile details instantly and an interested client searching for your type of service will contact you either via our chatting system or the info you provide!

Visit our How-it-Works page if you like.

Absolutely NOTHING! Registration is FREE and to add your your Profile is FREE!

There are no hidden fees, or hidden costs, or “Premium Version” using

Profiles remain up for a lifetime as long as there are no violation of our terms and services.

There’s NO sign-up or registration fees whatsoever on

There are NO Monthly or Yearly fees whatsoever on

Signing up is completely FREE. Click the “Register” button located to the top of ever page, enter your username, email and password and that’s it!

You sure can! Here’s how:

Head on over to your Dashboard area, found in the main menu, at the top of every page under your Username menu (for mobile users, click the “hamburger menu” to reveal the main menu.).

In the drop-down menu you’ll see “My Account” or “My Listing”. Click either and it and you will find under “My Listing” the tools necessary for editing your Listing.

Your profile will be posted immediately after it’s been submitted.

You can upload as many as 50 images per Profile with a maximum file size of 8MB per image.

Only PNG, JPG & JPEG image formats are allowed.

You cannot upload documents to

Currently Creator Splash does NOT conduct any money transactions via our platform.

With our review system for every Creator’s Profike, you, the public can ensure they are reliable for others to consider. However, CreatorSplash does NOT ‘screen’ every Profile added. Please do review thoroughly every Creator before considering.

Currently, we don’t have in-person Sales Agents, however, you can contact us via our online contact form if you need any assistance at any time. Or visit our Social Media accounts for more.

Currently there isn’t, but there may be an app available in the near future.

WARNING: Deleting your own account permanently deletes your account, listing(s) and data. This action is irreversible.

Here’s How: You can remove your profile on the Delete My Profile page. You will be asked to provide your password.